Global Hands

A social enterprise that creates assertive technologies to enable people with locomotion disabilities to earn livelihoods.



The ANTS Craft has been working with more than 4000 artisans across India, since 2003, providing livelihood support to more than 16,000 families. In the last 8 years, we have ploughed back Rs.5 Cr back to the community through our market facing activities.




Global Hands is a social enterprise that creates assistive technologies to enable people with locomotor disabilities to earn livelihoods. Global Hands’ flagship product is LokJeevika, an assistive block printing product that helps artisans with upper limb disabilities to create block printed garments, a thriving business in the local area.




So far, the Global Hands team has been able to test the product and develop a second prototype with improved sliding components based on collected user feedback. In addition, the team has been able to secure additional funding from Enable India to continue product testing. Therefore, the team now plans to continue conducting more tests and further improve user interaction with the block printing product.


GlobalHands initiates an invetion for block printing device which can be used in the traditional art.

It is specially designed for hand challenged individuals.


The device enabels for hand to align properly for the perfect design on the fabric and the pressure exerted by a motor driven hammer.

The expected product is aimed at wider engagement for leprosy affcted, burn, polio, cerebral palsy, autims and any loco-motor disease affected people.driven hammer.


Problem Statement: Pros in current method are lack of precision and poor grip due to: • Deformity of hands • Weight of the Block • Pressure on the block


The Solution - LokJeevika • LokJeevika minimizes the fatigue of the user, since they don’t need to bear the weight of the block. • Reduces shoulder and hand pain • Easy to use • Reduced Mechanism • Use of IoT (Internet of Things) • Hydraulic system for pressure management • Sensors for accuracy

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L-R SliderBeams Front Back Slider Block holder Electric Hamme r Electronics Hammmer End Block is slid through handle The wooden Block COMPONENTS: Product Material - Aluminium

Block is in lifted position by default • This minimize the fatigue of the user, since they do not need to bear the weight of the block. • Reduces shoulder and hand pain.

Electric Hammer exerts adequate pressure on the block • The device presses the block appropriately when the artisan presses a button. • This feature eliminates the fatigue caused by hitting the block with hands. • The pressure sensor records pressure exerted by user and using machine-learning algorithm adjusts the pressure needed for the press of the block.


Spring allows block maneuvering for alignment • Artisan’s cognitive skill is developed by practising block alignment. • The device keeps the artisan at the center of the picture, enhancing the therapeutic value of Block printing. • Mechanism available to align the block using beams, based on block position.

Training for Newbies • This device helps greatly in training newbies in block prinitng. • It also makes the whole process less labour intensive and thereby attracting more people to take up block printing as a sustainable employment option.