Introducing meetIn

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What is meetIn?

  • meetIn is a simple application to find your contacts and friends while traveling without GPS location tracker.
  • Connect and import all your contacts from other services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, and Twitter into meetIn. Add and find your business contacts, associates, and friends from your network.
  • Update your location status by using our Travel Plan tracker. Also add your interests and specialty and based on this you can search your contacts with ease.

meetIn: gets 3 key information

  • Who

    you can meet while traveling

  • Where

    you can meet your friends

  • When

    you can meet your friends

Get More Out of Your Trip

meetIn allows you to keep in touch with your friends, family, colleagues while you or they are traveling.

meetIn connects to some of the most popular social networks and gets you updated information even when you are traveling, or at home or when your friends are traveling to tell you when you are at the same place and can meet.

Register Now

By registering on meetIn, you would have the power to find, contact and meet your friends across the globe while you or they are traveling.

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