Employees Speak

Bhavin Dave
"Since I have joined Verve Systems, the journey have been enriching every day. The company keeps me high on my entrepreneur temperament and there is never lack of opportunities. I have been very pleased with the opportunities for advancement and development, and these opportunities have helped me a lot to define my career path."
Bhavin Dave, Business Analyst
Dimpal Purohit
"Verve Systems is an organization for its employees and by its employees. The best part of being part of this company is that it not only offers opportunities for those who have talent and wish to grow professionally, but also facilitates such efforts. My journey so far has given me exposure to all facets of my area of expertise, confidence to explore higher levels of achievement and the ability to accomplish professional excellence. The whole experience has been great and I am very proud to be a part of Verve family."
Dimpal Purohit, Assistant HR Manager
Shreyank Vyas
"Being a fresher I got lots of supports from seniors. Working environment in this company is very cooperative. Apart from working, company also takes care of recreation activities for employees by organizing games and cultural events.
Despite being just a fresher in iPhone I got many opportunities to handle projects and learned many things by facing challenges through these projects and also felt responsible for doing a lot of good work."
Shreyank Vyas, iPhone Developer
Kaushal Parikh
"I joined Vervesys in September 2013. I am proud of my decision, and could not have imagined just how good of an opportunity I was walking into. The job is helping me for not only my personal upliftment but also groomed me professionally. The Core team focuses on and rewards employees' contributions and achievements. Employees always get recognized for any betterment they add to the company. The company values our hard work, "We can do" & Team spirit, the positive attitude, hands-on management; all this coupled with Verve's success makes this company a perfect place to work!"
Kaushal Parik, Senior Technical Lead
Rishabh Srivastava
"Verve Systems is a perfect platform for a fresher to start his career with like I did. Here employees get a perfect environment to work, learn as well as improve their interpersonal skills by participating in various enjoyable extra-curricular activities and the events which happen time to time. Employees can also share their thoughts, suggestions and views with everyone in open meeting which happens frequently. Apart from these, employees can meet the CEO informally and can discuss their personal problems and whatever they feel like. On the work front, the diversity in the work, the exposure and the challenging problems faced were a great learning curve for me. It has been a pleasure for me to work with the Verve family."
Rishabh Srivastava, Software Engineer
Kiran Shah
"I am with the organization since last 2 years. I completely enjoy the culture and environment here. All the colleagues and supervisors are very supportive and co-operative, in fact they makes my job easy. Verve Systems provides the right platform and environment for work-life balance, career growth, recognition and job satisfaction. The process follows by the Verve System makes the project execution smooth and provides a very qualitative delivery to the client. The experience I have gained here is invaluable. The day-to-day challenges with work and the kind of client requirements are always interesting. You are always updated with new applications and learning something new every day. I am very proud to be working in this organization."
Kiran Shah, Technical Lead
Shivani Chinial
"It has been a great and beautiful journey with Verve. Working environment over here is healthy which gives a feel of fun with work. Leadership skill of Mr. Chirendu Gupta is so excellent, which gives all employees a positive work experience and which helped verve to grow both qualitatively and quantitatively in such a short duration of time."
Shivani Chinial, Senior Software Engineer with Verve and one of the first employees of the company
Harshal Pol
"Working at Verve is like having a zeal for work. Everyone here has so much of vigor to achieve that even in your blues you will feel like getting involved and doing it. We work, we play, we share, we collaborate, we learn we grow and we have a lot of fun together at Verve. At Verve we give extreme importance to our work but we do not forget our life too. If we make night outs we also have full day picnics; if we go that extra mile, we also party hard."
Harshal Pol, VP International Sales & Operations
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