Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility recognizes the need for greater agility within an organization. As businesses shift from the traditional central office to a more flexible work environment brought about by the rapid inclusion of mobile devices in all business processes, enterprise mobility solutions gain.

Verve Systems offers flexible enterprise mobility solutions tailored to suit your business and its mobility requirements. As your organization scales and more and more devices get added to the mix, we design our solutions to be flexible and scalable also bearing in mind the security of these remote devices.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Achieve greater agility in a flexible environment

Why Enterprise Mobility ?

With employees rapidly embracing smartphones and tablets as their go-to devices for work, mobile devices improve employee work productivity by allowing employees to work on the go. On the other hand, their devices can also be a threat to organizational security as these devices access corporate resources. They can also be subjected to device theft, data loss, and threats from malware. Hence developing the right enterprise mobility solutions is crucial.

  • Ease of managing device level access
  • Increased productivity and decreased expenses
  • Reduces risk of data loss or theft.
  • Solutions can prevent critical data loss as well as unauthorized access to confidential data.
  • Easy to use and easy to implement solutions developed for businesses that demand dynamic solutions.

The VERVE Advantage

Dynamic businesses need solutions that are futuristic and more agile. We offer enterprise mobility solutions that embrace the new smart device age and enterprise culture of bring your own devices – without compromising the security – enabling employees to work on the go.

  • We design mobility solutions after studying your enterprise environment thoroughly.
  • Our solutions are specially tailored to suit your enterprise demands.
  • Easy to use and easy to implement solutions for your enterprise
  • Expert consulting and post implementation support
  • Significant improvement in efficiency and streamlining of diverse business processes to incorporate mobile devices.

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