Remarkable statistics that reveal the impact BI
2.5 Quintillion
Data Generated
people everyday
6 Billion
Hours of video
watched on YouTube
every month
1 Billion
Content shared
a daily basis
271 Million
Monthly active
on Twitter

Power BI

Visuals always have better impact. Your company is generating tons of data and you need to figure out the easiest way to keep an eye over insight. Microsoft Power BI makes visualization very easy with user-friendly reporting. Power BI displays impressive dashboards that can be used to remain updated from the important features of the business. Power BI Desktop provides you a powerful and dedicated report authoring tool that gives you a complete access to the data from all sources. You can create rich reports and visualization with the help of Query Editor.

SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects Solution empowers your employees to make faster decision and achieve excellent results by giving the individual the access of self-service. SAP Business Objects IB provides comprehensive reporting and analysis along with the access to create dashboards that help manage the data effectively. The features also include the ease in Data exploration from all the sources.

DevExpress Business Intelligence

DevExpress enables creating a supportive dashboard and enhance decision making which keeps the executive and the organization in touch. DevExpress Dashboard provides the finest data visualization option for the organization and the results obtained are instantaneous, perfect and always relevant. DevExpress Dashboard enables the deliverance of business solutions like Windows, the Web and Mobile devices very easy.


SPSS empowers your insight of data by its analytical techniques and time-saving capabilities. It enables you to find your data quickly and easily. The exceptional features of SPSS enable you to gain excessive control over large and complex datasets as well as it helps to identify relationships hidden in geospatial data. It accelerates the deployment and the return on investment.


The Business Intelligence tool “R” serves as a major engine for BI related process. A web application dashboard can be directly produced from R BI. With the Help of R, presentation can easily be outsourced to any BI dashboard tool. R is often the central tool for analytics, visualization and data science as it helps to enhance mainstream business intelligence (BI) technologies.

Apache Hadoop

The Hadoop solution is capable of adding capabilities easily from multiple sources. It enables processing of prodigious amount of data to set across bunch of product servers. Basically Hadoop makes the data management extremely scalable, responsive and lucrative. The Apache Hadoop is able to perceive and handle failures at the application layer.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports are designed to help you gain an apparent picture of your business. It enables you to design and deliver important reports as well as it gives the internal users, customers, and partners the access to the information they require in the reporting format of their choice. This Business tool aims to empower key insights to the right decision making at the right time.

MS Excel

Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel is used to perform powerful analysis on data that brings self-service to your desktop. With the help of this tool, a user can transform large amount of data at high speed into meaningful information. This process is very fast as it transforms the data within seconds and is capable of opening any large file from any sources like databases, data feeds, Reporting Services, and text files.


Business intelligence service for healthcare, is designed to help the use and analysis of data to enhance decision-making. It empowers care delivery, health outcomes and business operations of a patient. BI provides an efficient management of healthcare management in lower budget. Business health intelligence is a powerful solution that helps you monitor, analyze, and report on different feature of their business performance.


E-Governance business intelligence leans toward helping government organizations by improving their operational effectiveness of services to citizens. An e-Governance solution assists in running an efficient government and expands both the residential and commercial tax. It allows easy interpretation of high volumes of data and minimizes decision delays and leads to customer delight.


There is a tough competition in the gaming industry as casinos have adopted aggressive strategies to attract and hold customers. Modern business intelligence (BI) includes predictive analytics, data and master data management (MDM) solutions which are designed to help casinos increase guest attendance, activities, and revenue. Business intelligence enables you to produce ranking reports that identify the finest and nastiest performing aspects of your business.


Intelligence for E-commerce lets non-techies take huge amounts of sprinkled data and generate beautiful BI dashboards in a much lesser time. Our organization transforms all the data into a single warehouse and allows you to carry out sophisticated analysis. Open architecture are used to build software that integrate better with other platforms and software. Our business intelligence supports real-time data which delivers the data directly from your database.


The exceptional logistics managers using BI technologies boost supply chain efficiency and effectiveness. Business intelligence produces an integrated view of the whole supply chain that will help develop the functioning of basic services like transportation management, warehousing, and inventory management. Business intelligence is capable of dealing with bulk quantities of data on a daily basis that can be further used as information.

Social Media

Social media business intelligence service is designed to monitor tools and deliver actionable data. Business intelligence is capable of developing inclusive and scientific ways of organizing and storing data in a way that provides business value. It will help companies to gain competitive edge, save money and introduce products with a higher extent of success. The easier access to insight along with interactive data visualizations are the core benefits of our business intelligence.


Do you know business intelligence can remove your huddles of handling manufacturing materials? Business intelligence provides you better dashboards to improve your performance, thus making manufacturing business intelligence software more essential than ever. BI software aims to assist the manufacturing companies reduce costs, optimize stock levels, enhance quality, optimize the supply chain and boost customer service.

Human Resource

Business intelligence is designed to assist the companies access accurate, timely and comprehensive data from your HRMS applications. The ease in analyzing salary, recruitment, vacancy and termination trends enable you to drive your sales much faster and make good decision in a short span of time. Business intelligence provides data management methods that are used for planning, collecting, storing, and combining data into data warehouses.

The Future of Business Analytics
Planning done on spreadsheets
Stakeholders make decisions without the data
Organizations use data
Productivity boost
with analytics

How will you make your business intelligent?



Data Gathering

  • Passive data
  • Mobile & Internet
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • IoT (Wearables, Sensors)

Data Assimilation Techniques

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Crunching
  • Data Massaging
  • Data Warehouses
  • Data Mart
  • Data Mining

Data Slicing & Dicing

Slicing refers to applying filters on a single dimension in a cube whereas dicing refers to applying filters on more than one dimension in a cube.

BI Tools

  • DevExpress
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Crystal Reports
  • MS Excel
  • Power BI
  • SAP Business Objects
  • R

Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Diagnostic Analysis
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Cube Capabilities
  • Strategical Approach

Data Presentation

  • Slicer & Sparklines
  • Charts & Pivot charts
  • Power Map & Power View
  • Dashboards
  • Bubble Graph
  • Balance Scorecard
  • OLAP cube

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