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    Healthjump is a free patient portal available which helps patients managing their health records up-to-date with different providers. Healthjump’s a web, mobile and desktop platform connects patients to doctors, other patients, families, and communities, with tools to manage and utilize medical records.

    Gladys – Security App

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    Gladys – Security App is an amalgamation of different solution based on hardware, different protocols, software and machine intelligence.Gladys – Security App will be available iOS, Android and web (Node.JS and Angularjs) interface and MongoDB database.

    Main features of this app includes real time security for their users, record video on incidents, write notes and uploaded to a secure remote server where it can be accessed by the sender only with GPS location and time.

    iWorkflow Document App

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    A complete mobile solution that offers document management, electronic workflow and invoice automation. It is specially developed to replace paper-work system yet going on in many corporates.

    iWorkflow Document App is built in Xamarin using Dynamics CRM and blackbaud technology. This unique integration provides one click access to documents and modules like raiser’s edge, financial edge, educational edge and enterprise CRM.

    It also combines document capture and transaction processing to eliminate multiple steps from your overall process, saving time and money at your fingertips.

    Employee Management System

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    Employee satisfaction is prime goal of each enterprise. With this system, employees will not only feel motivated but also hold a recognition in their excelling areas.

    This system smoothes the process of employee management within the organization. It is featured with task sheet, leave application, joining process of employee, relieving process of employee, HR management etc and other employee related formalities.

    Website Monitoring System

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    Website Monitoring System is an end-to-end solution provider for the website. It allows owners to authenticate first before start monitoring from the system. This system allows alerts through email or sums and monitor email server & content management.порно видео в нижнем бельекак сделать рекламу в интернетемай турживотный мир африки видеокия в кредитбизнес кредит брокеркредит смоленск


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    An anti-social app which enable users to get connected with their friends across the globe and meet them in person whenever they travel around. Share location and let your friends know if you are nearby them. Decide a place to meet and reach them through various features in meetIn.

    meetIn offers three key information-

    • WHO you can meet while traveling
    • WHERE you can meet your friends
    • WHEN you can meet your friends

    Download from iOS and Android