After the popularity of iPhone, Android also evolved and gained popularity especially amongst anti-iPhone mobs. Android could offer low price products for people who couldn’t or didn’t want to go for iPhone. And thus it became an arch rival of iPhone in the interactive mobility market. It is now quite in demand and has a user base comparable to that of iPhone.

Major difference is that unlike iPhone the hardware running Android OS doesn’t remain same in all the Android Phones. So while making an Android app, it’s extremely important to consider if the app will run on all the hardware platforms too or at least on the ones that we target.

Verve has ensure that their Android programmers understand these facts thoroughly and while developing Android application they not only consider this aspect of hardware but also that the users using different phones have different preferences too and all their preferences should be kept in mind to ensure absolute usability of the application that we build.

Verve sees a lot of potential in this segment and has invested considerable efforts in ensuring that our iPhone & iPad developers not only learn the technology but also the art of building intuitive UI (User Interface) thus becoming a complete iPhone Developers and iPad developers in all aspects and not just in programming. We strive to build iApplications which perform optimally and help the users use the application completely with intuitive UI and features. We have also explored the potential of iPhone/iPad in Enterprise mobility by bringing the features of large enterprise applications within the reach of finger tips.

Skills that our Android developers have thoroughly learnt include :

  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse / NetBeans / WSAD and other commonly used IDEs
  • Android NDK
  • Java / C++ for Android Development
  • Basic knowledge of touch interface and usability

Using our skills in Android platform we have developed solutions such as :

  • Utility Applications
  • Sports Applications
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Informative Applications
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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